Publications tagged `HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGY`
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Pictal Health Turning health histories into visual stories 311
Carbon Health Carbon Health makes smart, hassle-free healthcare accessible to all. 143
Doctors in Tech Technology is changing the face of healthcare. In this publication we discuss the latest healthcare technologies, as well as bringing you coding tutorials that you can use to innovate and research today. 75
Building Better Healthcare Collective Health’s Product Development Blog 63
LifeLink LifeLink delivers patient engagement solutions that turn time consuming, messy interactions into smart conversations in the place where people spend their time - on their mobile devices. Learn more at 47
Elektra Labs Advancing digital medicine in clinical research and care 34
Whose health is it anyway? Carium helps healthcare organizations deliver outcomes-oriented, patient-centered care by supporting and empowering people along their unique life journeys. 33
Rejuvenan The personalized digital health platform that adds years to your life…and life to your years. 24
Plantiga Blog The best place to find out about our hot new features, success stories, and cutting-edge research. 22
LeanTaaS Engineering Better Healthcare Through Math 12
GLYNT.AI We built a machine learning system. It gave us an interesting perspective on technology, markets and value 10
Aavia Solving problems in smart ways to improve healthcare, and the health & wellness of individuals. 9
Inaji Industries We are an Indian-owned health technology company. We build innovative, patient-centered, provider-focused solutions for our communities. 2
Arine Ensuring patients are on the safest and most effective medications for their conditions 2