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Latest Posts

Native Android Libraries Gone Bad

Fixing UnsatisfiedLinkErrors when your native libraries unexpectedly start targeting new Android architectures

How (Programming) Languages Shape Problem-Solving

It is becoming increasingly important to become developers who are multilingual. Being a developer who is fluent in many programming…

When Will It Be Done?

How Bad Questions Give You Bad Software (And What To Ask Instead)

Applying Design to Software Part III

On many software projects, there are some questions that get asked regardless of the domain of the problem being solved. The answers to…

How to get featured on the App Store by making Apple look good

Ultimately Apple wants to promote great apps. But they’re also motivated to showcase apps that make their platform look good. They’re…

The First 2 Commits Every Android Project Should Have

File -> New -> New Project… What should I do next?

Applying Design Concepts to Code — Part II

In the previous article, we learned about the six different components of design and how they apply to the code that we write. These six…

TransactionTooLargeException and a Bridge to Safety — Part 1

TL;DR : Stop worrying about TransactionTooLargeException; use Bridge.

Why isn’t viewWillAppear getting called?

Why were you expecting it to be?

Kotlin for Java: Part I — Constructors & Builders

Remember the day you switched over from Java to Kotlin? It was such a good day. You discovered that a simple data model did not have to be…


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