Magic Circles

The intersection of storytelling and design for games, fiction, and narratives of all kinds. Many of these articles were made possible by wonderful patrons at

Will Hindmarch

Writer, designer, worrier-poet, and mooncalf of games and narratives. Working on it.

Latest Posts

The Star Wars Flavor

A modern look at design and world-building in a galaxy far, far away…

Some Ways to Talk When You GM

Things to say and do to get the most out of tabletop RPG play as a GM.

Technology Shaping Analog Play

I keep thinking about the Volume.

The NPC with a Thousand Faces

Using memory and intuition to bring your RPG world to life.

The Detail Trick

Learn this simple trick for pacing your descriptions in any roleplaying game.

The Role of Output Randomness

Why output randomness is a feature, not a flaw, at the game table.

ALIEN Hack: Last Survivor

Core directives for one-shot RPG play in the ALIEN universe.

What Rules?

How fiction and creative expression are essential to testing and playing most roleplaying games.

What’s Hidden in Destiny’s Icon?

This post starts with spoilers for the Shadowkeep campaign and builds from there into speculation. Beware.

Sharing: The State of Play

I am out of med kits but my health bar is almost full. I have just three arrows left in my quiver and exactly as many enemies roaming the…


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