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Bobbie Gossage

Deputy editor of Marker at Medium.

Danielle Sacks

Editor-in-Chief of Marker, Medium’s new business pub. Former Executive Editor of Inc. magazine and award-winning Senior Writer at Fast Company magazine.

Steve LeVine

I am Editor at Large at Medium with interests in ferreting out the whys for the turbulence all around us. Ex-Axios, ex-Quartz, ex-WSJ, ex-NYT, ex-FT.

Kaushik Viswanath

Senior Editor, Books/Marker @Medium

Jean-Luc Bouchard

Senior Editor for Marker, a new Medium publication about business. Formerly: Quartz, Business Insider, BuzzFeed. Bylines in Vox, VICE, The Paris Review.

Rob Walker

Senior writer for Marker by Medium. Longtime contributor to The New York Times (Workologist, Consumed). Author of The Art of Noticing (Knopf).

Gloria Oh

Ideas Editor of Marker at @Medium. Previously, @TheAtlantic.

Nadia Rawls

Editorial Director of Growth @ Medium


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