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Matter Events: Extravagant v. Lo-fi

Matter Studios debuted its first live event, “Matter Presents: Total Power Move,” in early November. This ambitious undertaking, which was…


I know you see us when we’re sleeping and we’re awake. I know you have more ears in the field than the fictional Nick Fury. Or Hydra for…

My uncle who voted for him,

As the holidays approach, I wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you. In fact, I can’t stop thinking about you. You’re the…

The Good Guys

Growing up I thought I was as American as anyone. But can a country built on winning ever value something as weak as equality?

Means of Descent

We ignore the powerless at our own peril, says LBJ biographer Robert Caro.

My Father, Donald Trump

By Oliver Bateman

Matter Studios Presents: ‘Total Power Move’

So, we are doing an event in early November on the theme of the “Total Power Move.” We announced it yesterday.

How do you want to feel

Last week Matter Studios introduced Elegant Services, a simple and free-to-use tool to help you feel. Essentially, you give us a feeling…

How to start a startup

The list of 43 tasks I’ve done in my first 40 days as COO of Matter Studios


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