Publications tagged `IDEAS`
Name Followers
Matter The original flagship publication of Medium 1,037,614
TED Fellows The TED Fellows program is a global network of visionaries in their fields who collaborate across disciplines to create positive change around the world. 25,565
Changemakers Ideas for a world in which everyone contributes 18,821
The Aspen Institute A nonpartisan forum for values-based leadership and the exchange of ideas. 17,279
General Writing: Idea, Thinking, Opinion This is a collection for general writing, thinking, and opinions. 11,138
Plain Text A journal of ideas and commentary about technology policy. 2,024
Radical UX Because magical experiences are counter-intuitive. 923
Hustle Thrive Grow Becoming Better. Productivity. Hustling. Getting Things Done. 732
Guernica Magazine Founded online in 2004, Guernica is an award-winning 501(c)3 non-profit magazine focused on the intersection of arts and politics. 729
People 2.0 Stuff about products & people. Not solely for product people. 582
Scenario A briefing on possible futures. 582
Context: By New America Where new voices come together to advance big ideas 556
Freethinkr Freethinkr is a place where creatives with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives explore ideas and thoughts through the written word. Whether your outlook is on dissecting the minutia of the day or seeing the humor in life, strive to be imaginative and inspired. 399
Socrates Café Socrates Café on Medium is all about making ours, on local and global scales, an inclusive, thoughtful and participatory society where regular exchanges of ideas and ideals among diverse people take place. 391
COSY Authentic ideas and vulnerable stories from a cosy land. Showcasing unheard perspectives for a new generation. 331