MedX Protocol

MedX is a global healthcare market controlled by the people who use it.

James Todaro

Cofounder of MedX Protocol. Managing Partner of Blocktown Capital. Doctor.

Moshe Praver

Libertarian physician building free healthcare markets on the Ethereum blockchain at MedX Protocol

Joseph Todaro

Strategy Officer at MedX Protocol. Managing Partner at Blocktown Capital. Medical school dropout.

John Todaro

Managing Partner @ Blocktown Capital and MedX Protocol

Latest Posts

MedX partners with Wyre for USD payments

It is with great pleasure that we announce our partnership with Wyre to integrate USD payments on OpenCare. As we move forward with the…

MedX Protocol: Mission and Values

Decentralized projects are largely defined by their communities and the shared goals of all of those involved. At MedX, we have always…

MedX Token Curated Registry in Open Beta

We are pleased to announce that the MedX Physician Registry is in Open Beta on the Ropsten Testnet! It is available for testing at…

A TCR that decentralizes token listing on DEXs

In the development of nascent technologies, protocol design breakthroughs can often be applied broadly. This is certainly the case in the…

MedX Partners with MakerDAO

I am pleased to formally announce our partnership with MakerDAO! Maker provides the MedX ecosystem with a “stablecoin” called Dai. The most…

Creating a Work Token — Part I

Worker Selection Algorithms

OpenCare powered by MedX is now live on Ethereum Mainnet

After a year of development and four months of public testing, OpenCare is now live on Ethereum Mainnet! To our knowledge, this is the…

Preparing for the launch of MedX

The community asked us to build. And that’s what we did.

Continuous Deployment with Truffle

TLDR; I’ve developed a tool called Truffle Deploy Registry that separates your deployed contract addresses by network from the Truffle…


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