Trust, Verification, Fact Checking & Beyond.

Jennifer 8. Lee

Writer, @plympton, @upworthy, @awesomefood, @hackshackers, @newsdiffs. Past: @nytimes, @knightfdn, fortune cookies. jenny@jennifer8lee.com

Burt Herman

Entrepreneurial journalist finding meaning in the noise. Co-founder of Storify, Hacks/Hackers for journalists and technologists

Samantha Sunne

Journalism freelancer and trainer. @MisinfoCon editor, @HacksHackers organizer and @tools4reporters newsletter-er

Latest Posts

Bringing together journalists, the public, and WikiData to understand our world

Throughout 2022, newsrooms around the country have had to quickly adapt to the changing information needs of their communities, from…

Can News Distribution Improve?

Journalism Panels Consider the Question

Inoculating against propaganda through exposure to authentic content

By Stephanie McVicker, research scientist, PropWatch

Truth and Trust Online 2021 Will Be Live On October 7–8

Truth and Trust Online 2021 Will Be Live On October 7–8

Bridging the Divide Between Local News and Online Platforms

Updates from the Schema-Online Local News discussion series

The UX Design of Credibility Labels: What Do We know?

Which labeling interventions work? And how do users perceive them?

This nonprofit startup is fighting for inclusive media in one of America’s oldest cities

Majority white newsrooms are still the norm in New Orleans, a majority Black city. Lede New Orleans wants to change that.

Missing Context in the Internet Congress

Communication density and our future forms of democracy, media, and fact-checking

Global Summit on Disinformation with focus on Latin America

With the support of Hacks/Hackers, professionals from around the world will come together for two working days to join forces and combat…


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