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Matthias Feys

Data geek @ml6team by day & GDE for ML and @googlecloud by night

Juta Staes

Machine Learning Engineer @ ML6

Robbe Sneyders

Principal ML Engineer @ ML6

Thomas Uyttenhove

Machine Learning Engineer at ML6

Jules Talloen

Machine Learning Engineer at ML6

Jérémy Keusters

Machine Learning Engineer at ML6

Ruwan Lambrichts

Machine Learning Engineer @ ML6

Matthias Cami

Working @ML6 as ML engineer. I like problem solving & experimenting.

Andres Vervaecke

Data Engineer at ML6.

Michiel De Koninck

Mathematical Engineer with a healthy affinity for the world of (generative) AI.

Jens Bontinck


Nicholas Cointepas

Consultant, innovation enthusiast, neurodiversity advocate

Pieter Coussement

PhD Biotech turned into Data Engineer. Give me challenges and I’ll do my best.

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