Modern Mythology

Modern Mythology is interdisciplinary web journal: an open platform for forward-thinking, even at times iconoclastic work, both online, and in the form of anthologies produced in partnership with a variety of publishers.

J Curcio

All fiction is philosophy. All philosophy is fiction.

Latest Posts

Art for Art’s Sake

A selection from MASKS: Bowie & Artists of Artifice, available now on


Interview with Yuri Neyman, ASC Director of Photography

Nigredo: The Pornography of Cruelty

Excerpt from Narrative Machines, 1st B&W edition available on

Remembered and Remembered Again

Excerpt from Narrative Machines, first B&W edition available on

Patchwork Selves

Excerpt from Narrative Machines, book available on

The Satanic Ethic

Toward the Vastness of Human Potential

A Modern Mythology

Interview with Caleb Palmquist

Attack on Earth-Me

Narrative, Nodality, and 5G

A Hidden Mythology of Quantum Mechanics?

When a paleontologist is digging up and uncovering fragments of the skeleton of a dinosaur one brush stroke at a time, it reminds me of…


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