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Insider insights from the team building the bank of the future.


Insider insights from the team building the bank of the future.

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Why everyone at Monzo does research

We’re growing the user research practice at Monzo so every product team has support from a researcher. But we’re growing so fast that it’s…

Pick a card, any card: implementing the Monzo Plus card selection animation on Android

We’ve been working recently on Monzo Plus, a way for users to add extra features (like travel insurance) to their account for a monthly…

The tool we use to turn around user research findings fast at Monzo

As we grow as a company and more and more people start using Monzo, user research becomes even more important. We need to run sessions…

Design to protect, not only to empower people

How the design of a small feature to block gambling transactions made a huge positive impact

What we learned from moving Monzo 📦

Moving office is a major milestone for any fast-growing startup. These are the dos and don’ts we learned the hard way.

Understanding how young people manage their money

We want to make money work for everyone, and that includes teenagers who might be managing their money for the first time. Last year we…

Using data to build a better help screen

At Monzo, we use data to help our customers find their own answers faster.

The Monzo Reliability Report: How we’re building a bank you can rely on

We’ve made Monzo much more reliable over the last 12 months. Here’s our internal data that shows the progress we’ve made, and what we’re…

Engineering Principles at Monzo

We’ve distilled the lessons we’ve learned while building Monzo into a common set of engineering principles. They’ll let us grow and release…

How we onboard engineers at Monzo

Here’s what to expect in your first few weeks at Monzo, from getting your offer and choosing your kit, to learning the ropes!


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