Publications tagged `APP DEVELOPMENT`
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Monzo Bank Insider insights from the team building the bank of the future. 13,986
FlutterDoc Snippet sized documentation for the Flutter Framework 4,909
CloudBoost The Realtime JavaScript Backend. 3,067
🦄 Sindre Sorhus’ blog Open Source • Swift • Node.js • Life 2,303
Sourcerer Blog All the work that a SWE does is largely forgotten after said feature, product, or fix has been released. We are a small group of software engineers who believe that this should not be the case. We believe an engineer's work can tell a story and so created 2,231
LaunchKit Library Thoughts and learnings about mobile development from the LaunchKit team. 1,497
Firebase Developers Tutorials, deep-dives, and random musings from Firebase developers all around the world. Views expressed are those of the authors and don’t necessarily reflect those of Firebase or its parent companies. 684
TAB Edit At TAB, we're busy building technology experiences for a world where mobile is an expectation, not a device. TAB Edits is where we share selected learnings and highlights. Head to for more. 518
PukkaTeam Sharing stories, tips and advice about remote work and the latest PukkaTeam updates :P 408
EngineerBabu Our Daily Stories : Straight from Heart, 100% reality 155
Urban Archive The City is Your Museum 144
Tiendeo Tech Code, thoughts and solutions — 66
Norigin Media Tech Blog The wonderful blog of NoriginMedia Engineers 64
Device Blogs Thoughts on building products, engineering, design and development 46
planes London based Javascript studio — we build cool things with cool people 22