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We’re Europe’s first mobile bank. Follow us for articles about banking, technology and expat life.

Roshni Joshi

Building a bank the world loves to use at N26! Coming to the US in 2018!

Thomas McGath

Brand, UX, and Marketing Copywriter @N26

Latest Posts

Push Notifications Can Improve Your Financial Well-Being. Here’s How.

How N26 uses push notifications to help customers empower themselves financially.

You Talked, We Listened: A Sneak Peek into the N26 App

Everyday we get closer to bringing N26 to the US, and in doing that, we are pursuing ideas that will help us make our product stronger.

Christian Hertlein on the UX of Personal Finance

If there’s one thing that immediately stands out when using N26, it’s the app’s unique, clean, and intuitive design. In a conversation…

Can Practicing Minimalism Actually Improve Your Finances?

Over the past few years, countless books, podcasts, and documentaries have explored the concept of minimalism and the benefits of a…

Is FOMO Sabotaging Your Financial Well-Being?

It’s Thursday night. A friend from college sends you an invitation to a group dinner at your favorite Mexican restaurant. In an effort to…

Stop Believing These 5 Money Myths In 2019

The new year is right around the corner. If you’re looking to finesse your finances in 2019, you’re not alone. Nearly one-third of…

Are You a Prime Target for Identity Theft? 4 Key Factors to Consider

Sixty million Americans have been affected by identity theft, and 16 million of those cases occurred in 2017 alone.

How to Start Building an Emergency Fund Today

A sick pet, a broken bone, a flat tire, unemployment. They say life comes at you fast, but it comes at your finances even faster.

7 Things You Should Never Buy at an Airport

Air travel is an exercise in patience. From last-minute delays to lengthy layovers, there is a lot of waiting involved in traveling. Most…

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Cashless Economy

Several countries around the world have been steadily moving towards a completely cashless society for a number of years. Is the US next?


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