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Porsche Digital Lab

Official Account of Porsche Digital Lab (Berlin & Tel Aviv)— the Porsche tech laboratory | #createtomorrow | Twitter: twitter.com/PorscheLab

Porsche AG

Official Medium Account of Porsche AG | #NextLevelGermanEngineering #createtomorrow | More: newsroom.porsche.com |

Porsche Digital

Official Account of Porsche Digital | #thriveforthedrive | Interface between Porsche & innovators around the world | Legal notice: www.newsroom.porsche.com/

Anja Hendel

Director @ Porsche Digital Lab Berlin | #Innovation & #DigitalTransformation, ready for #NextLevelGermanEngineering | Opinions are my own

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Considering the current development of the global population, it becomes clear that demographic change will increasingly influence our…

Teaching kids the beauty of robotics, AI and their environment

Robonetica is more than a robotics company. Even though we’re just one year old, the idea of Robonetica came up way earlier. Being part of…

Trafi talks with Anja Hendel, Director Porsche Digital Lab

This interview was first published on Trafi’s Medium blog.

Artificial Intelligence will do my job? Great!

It is our mission as Porsche Innovation Management to make ourselves entirely replaceable. Why? Because innovation never ends and you can…


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