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Vikas Kawadia

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Product @ Affirm | Cal Bear | Human

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R3 2019: 48 hours to Reflect, Refine and Reinvent Nextdoor

R3 is an annual event to Reflect, Refine and Reinvent Nextdoor. R3 goes beyond a hackathon by being more of an idea-thon. Everyone in the…

The Kindness Reminder

Encouraging civility across the Nextdoor platform.

What is the technology behind Nextdoor in 2019?

(this post is adapted from an earlier article:

Meet the Interns — Fall 2018

Every summer and fall at Nextdoor, we have a new class of interns that join us. They work on teams according to their interests…

How 72 lines of code can impact your company culture

Automating a small part of finding a partner for a game has seriously improved this experience.

Our Product Development Principles

At Nextdoor, we build products that help create stronger, safer neighborhoods all over the world. From listening to our members, to…

Meet the Interns — Spring 2018

This spring, we were fortunate to have four awesome interns join the Nextdoor team. Our spring interns typically take a semester off of…

Challenges of monitoring sparse data, and what to do about it.

Whether you’re starting a new company or adding a new feature in your existing product, I strongly recommend adding metric monitoring early…

Swift Packages in iOS App

Our app has been around since summer of 2013 (codebase since late 2012). It was 100% Objective-C and our dependency manager was Cocoapods…


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