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Hardware Startup and Crowdfunding Consultant | Product Development and Manufacturing Expert | Business Development

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The Freshest New Startup Hubs in the US

It’s no secret that Silicon Valley is becoming increasingly unattractive and inaccessible for startups not only with low budgets but of all…

Should Hardware Startups Worry About the US-China Trade War?

Everyone knows that the trade war is ongoing, and no one knows for how long. We all know that it somehow has an impact but many people…

When Should I Start My Crowdfunding Campaign?

For every successful campaign held on Kickstarter, two will fail. On Indiegogo, the odds are even worse, with 9 out of 10 campaigns falling…

Your Guidebook for Sourcing on Alibaba

In modern days, almost everybody shops, at least once or twice on Amazon. For entrepreneurs in the hardware product development industry…

New Marijuana Legislation and More is Driving Startups in the Vaporiser Industry

Vaporizer or Vaporiser? By Any Name, the Vaping Industry is Sweeping the Globe

Why You Need to Optimize Your BOM Before Manufacturing

You know your product is going to be a hit, but without the proper preparation, even the best ideas fall short.

Your Golden Sample: Follow This Golden Rule For Successful Manufacturing

The Golden Rule for Mass Production: Never Manufacture without a Golden Sample.

Things You Should Know Before Manufacturing in China

One of the most significant and exciting moments in the product development journey is moving the project into the manufacturing phase. If…

How to Conduct a Market Research — Infographic

Who never thought that he/she had the best product idea? However, without any proper market research, you might hit the wall and figure out…

Rapid Prototyping — Think Through Doing

We are always seeking “the faster.” Yes, the faster, not the fastest because we firmly believe there is always the next-level of something…


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