Nori is on mission to reverse climate change. This is our blog.


Nori is on a mission to Reverse Climate Change, by creating the world's first ever marketplace for CO2 removal, backed by a blockchain.

Christophe Jospe

Chief development officer for @nori building a blockchain company to make it easier to pay to remove carbon from the atmosphere

Alexsandra Guerra

Co-founder & Director of Strategic Planning at Nori.

Ross Kenyon

Cofounder of Nori; host of the Reversing Climate Change and Carbon Removal Newsroom podcasts.

Paul Gambill

I’m into blockchains, decentralizing, and reversing climate change. CEO of @paulgambill

Latest Posts

How does Nori get Supply?

An overview of the seven different types of people or groups that we work with to get our first supply

How the Nori marketplace works for US croplands in 2019

Nori got a facelift on the website with a new Resources page.

Cap carbon, not CO2

A levy on carbon pollution is a great idea that won’t solve the problem. Capping pollution precursors has done better.

Andrew Yang talks carbon removal and geoengineering on Carbon Removal Newsroom

2020 Democratic presidential primary contender Andrew Yang discusses his plans for carbon removal and geoengineering if elected US POTUS.

What’s the Nori Peer Review Committee all about?

This article dives in to the what, why, when, and how of the Nori Peer Review Committee.

Participants in the Nori Marketplace: who, what, and why

This article talks about the different components of the Nori Marketplace. Learn more about Buyers, Suppliers, Verifiers, and more.

Introducing the Carbon Removal Newsroom podcast

Nori’s new podcast features the latest in carbon removal news for direct air capture, regenerative agriculture, and beyond.

Nori SAFT price schedule update

Nori’s SAFT sale pricing will increase beginning on March 1st, 2019.

When it comes to blockchains and energy usage

Blockchains and energy usage: a reflective primer for those who think seriously about technology and reversing climate change.

2018 reflections and 2019 resolutions from a Norinaut

I look back at 2018 and ahead to 2019 on my path to reversing climate change.


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