A new kind of hedge fund built by a network of data scientists.

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Latest Posts

Redesigning Ethereum’s Most Used Token

We’ve created one of the best tokens on Ethereum. And now we’re cutting the supply by ~50% and giving up control. Introducing NMR 2.0.

An Unstoppable Predictions Marketplace — Introducing Erasure

The Numeraire token is about to become the cryptocurrency of the entire hedge fund industry. Today, Numerai is announcing a new…

Game Theory Optimal Play for the Numerai Competition

Over the last few months I’ve worked as an intern at Numerai. If you haven’t heard of Numerai, it’s a hedge fund that is innovating far…

How to scale 16x in 6 months on Ethereum

Startup. Big vision. Fast moving industry. Product market fit. It’s time to scale.

Numerai’s New Token Supply

Numerai just locked up 3 million NMR tokens (worth ~$45 million) until 2028; here’s why.

Numeraire, The Cryptocurrency Powering The World Hedge Fund

We are making Numeraire (NMR) 5x more valuable to use by increasing the payouts in our staking tournament.

Getting Started with Numerai’s New Tournament API

Update: Now that API tokens have been released, the authentication flow has changed. This post has been edited to reflect the new way.

Numerai’s Master Plan

When Numerai launched in December 2015, it was a one page website that looked like a Kaggle data science competition except everything was…

Open Sourcing Model Evaluation on Numerai

Today, Numerai is open sourcing our originality, concordance, and consistency criteria. The code may be found here.

An AI Hedge Fund Goes Live On Ethereum

Numerai just released 1.2 million Numeraire tokens on Ethereum to build a bridge between artificial intelligence and the stock market.


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