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Izzie Ramirez

captain of the fast food beat

John DiLillo

Captain of the Kat Dennings beat. Editor-in-Chief at NYU Local.

Trishna Rikhy

please let me pet your dog

Andie Kanaras

I get the conversation flowing and going~

Maggie Chirdo

Aspiring caretaker of a haunted greenhouse.

Cat Tebo

My mom thinks I’m a good writer.

Sophie Grieser

coffee enthusiast / sweater hoarder / cilantro lover

Latest Posts

What’s the Deal with ‘Tiger King?’

Murder and tigers and mullets, oh my.

Tuesday Tracks — “Chanter” by Arty Furtado

NYC singer Arty Furtado drops a grovy, dance hall inspired jam

Britney Spears May Be a Communist Because She Has No Control Over Her Wealth

Y’all treated her badly in 2008 and I’m not gonna let it happen again.

Dua Lipa Releases Album Early After Leak

The newest Dua Lipa rule is DON’T leak her music!

What to Do During Quarantine

How many hours of screen time did you have last week?

Saying Goodbye to Steven Universe

I’m not crying, I swear.

Residence Assistants Receive Refunds After Petitioning

RAs and RCAs, not considered student workers, petitioned for housing and meal compensation after dorms closed.

The Most Ridiculous Things Local Bought this Week: Week 1

We don’t know what we’re doing.

Local Learns: Ballet Online

Finding grace with limited space

NYU COVID Coalition Demands Support for Students and Workers

The coalition, comprised of more than a dozen organizations, published a list of demands to aid the NYU community.


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