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Aggregation of articles from Oracle & partners engineers, Groundbreaker ambassadors, and the developer community on all things Oracle Cloud and its technologies. The views expressed are those of authors solely and do not necessarily reflect Oracle's. Contact @ypoirier

Yolande Poirier

@Java Community Manager. Empower developers globally to successfully grow their projects & businesses. @JavaOneConf rock star speaker. All opinions are mine.

Latest Posts

Machine Learning in Digital Process Automation — Part I

This is the first of a multi-part series of articles on how to use Machine Learning (ML) in Digital Process Automation and Integration…

A first look at OCI Network Security Groups

The OCI Terraform provider terraform-provider-oci v3.33.0 introduces support for Network Security Groups. This, in my opinion, is a game…

Lessons learned when upgrading to Terraform 0.12

Lessons learned from upgrading to Terraform 0.12

Big Data & Data Lake a complete overview

What’s the crack jack?

Project Helidon and OpenAPI

Here’s how to use OpenAPI in your Helidon SE and MP apps.

Recapping the O’Reilly Velocity Conference

The O’Reilly Velocity Conference is focused on enabling organizations with the information they need to adopt cloud native practices and…


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