Publications tagged `JAVA`
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Oracle Developers Aggregation of articles from Oracle engineers, Groundbreaker Ambassadors, Oracle ACEs, and Java Champions on all things Oracle technology. The views expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily of Oracle. 39,197
Javarevisited A humble place to learn Java and Programming better. 12,975
SoftwareMill Tech Blog Custom software development; architecture, Scala, Akka, Kafka, blockchain consulting. Distributed systems & backends, APIs. *The* partner to execute your idea! ➡️ 4,365
upday devs upday tech blog 2,333
Picnic Engineering Picnic is the world's fastest growing online supermarket with a unique business model and a highly engaged customer base. Our mission is to make grocery shopping simple, fun, and affordable for everyone. 1,711
Trabe We are a development studio. We use Java, Rails, and JavaScript. This is where we write about the technologies we use at Trabe. 1,058
RedElastic The RedElastic Blog. Articles about reactive programming and distributed systems by RedElastic, a boutique consulting company specializing in reactive systems. 936
eBay Tech Berlin eBay Tech Berlin includes software developers, testers, data engineers & scientists as well as site operations teams from eBay Germany, eBay Kleinanzeigen and We build leading online platforms using the latest technologies and methods. 902
Spring Boot Developers Collboration of Spring Boot Developers Around the World 891
Adyen Tech Insights from the team building the world’s payments infrastructure. 834
Thundra Full Observability For AWS Lambda 443
Klaviyo Engineering Adventures in Data Science, Real-Time Data Processing with Python, Java, MySQL, and Cassandra. Klaviyo is a marketing platform powered by customer data. Boston-based and engineering led. 346
The Java Report A curation of contemporary content on all things Java, JavaFX, JavaEE, and JVM technologies. 313
OneID Engineering Stories from OneIDer who build VinID SuperApp 288
Dev Jam DevJam is a community that aims to enable software professionals to explore new technologies and to stay on top of every thing development. 285