Origin Protocol

Origin is building the sharing economy of tomorrow. Buyers and sellers will be able to transact without rent-seeking middlemen. We believe in lowering transaction fees, promoting free and transparent commerce, and giving early participants in the community a stake in the network.

Josh Fraser

Co-founder at Origin. Previously founded EventVue, Torbit & Forage. Engineer & rock climber.


Decentralizing the sharing economy

Matthew Liu

Cofounder Origin, early YouTube, avid traveler

Coleman Maher

Crypto @originprotocol. Combat sports competitor and fan. @UCBerkeley math alum.

Micah Alcorn

Product Manager/Engineer @ Origin Protocol

Kay Yoo

BizOps & Strategy @originprotocol. Blockchain enthusiast. Foodie and Pianist.

Austin Virts

Marketing at Solana.

Nick Poulden

Senior Engineer at Origin Protocol

Tom Linton

Engineer at Origin Protocol

Anna Wang

Growing @originprotocol in China. Digital marketer and trombonist. @unimelb alumni.


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