Montreal based tech agency taking work-life harmony to a higher level.

Ana Collantes

I like common things that are done uncommonly well.

Ivana Markovic

I’m passionate about talent management and culture. My objective is to make Osedea the best workplace for our team.

Latest Posts

The Pessimistic Impostor

Accepting that you might say something wrong or make a decision that won’t lead to optimal results is not about lowering your standards…

The inspiration behind Osedea’s blog banner

Have you ever found yourself perusing our blog, and wondered what our banner image, jauntily positioned at the top of our home page, is…

Comment tirer le meilleur parti de votre Hackathon interne ?

La techno, matin, midi et soir : chez Osedea, c’est une valeur qu’on vit au quotidien. Quoi de mieux pour l’illustrer que d’organiser un…

How to get the most out of your in-house Hackathon

“We eat, sleep, and breathe technology”: at Osedea, this is one of our core values, and it informs virtually everything we do on a daily…

The 15 sketch plugins I’ve gotten the most value from this year

What I absolutely love about Sketch is that whenever I encounter a problem, or must subject myself to performing a mind-numbing task, I…

Les grands moyens au service de l’harmonie travail-vie personnelle

Le monde du travail est en constante évolution. Il n’y a pas si longtemps, on parlait d’équilibre travail-vie personnelle, mais il suffit…

A Radical Workplace Initiative to Maximize Work-Life Harmony

The work environment continues to evolve. We used to talk about achieving work-life balance — but when you really think about the meaning…

Why reading more makes us better at our jobs

I’ve been guilty of it, too. In my early 20s, after almost two decades of studentdom, I abandoned reading completely. Blame it on having a…

From Afterthought to Everyone’s Business: Diversity Matters Now

Here at Osedea, one of our five values is Diversity is our Middle Name. We strive to have a team that’s representative of Montréal’s…


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