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Bradley Allen

Freelance writer, photographer and pizza enthusiast. No pineapple. Twitter- @ballen_91 Instagram -

Latest Posts

Smartphones & The Subsequent Future Of Photography

What lies ahead toward the future of photography, when combining it with the latest tech in our pockets.

Spring in Wisconsin Farm Country

A photo essay of where I live

Abraham Lincoln: A Photographic Essay

Lincoln is one of the most well-known and, I dare say, one of the most beloved of men to have become president of the United States…


The Neighbourhoods, Markets, and Parks of a Russian City


The day we found the snake skin

Nature Photography Is Sometimes Dangerous

It’s easy to forget the risks when you’re chasing a shot — or an animal. When the excitement is over, you might break into verse.

My Strangest Photo Request

Well, one of them

6 Days and No Nights in Iceland

Images from an all-too-quick adventure

Snapshots from San Francisco

Beef jerky and Canon 5D III on a beautiful winter day walk about

My Photos of Japan

How I got started with travel photography


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