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Anastasia Leng

Co-founder and CEO of Hatch.co / Former long-time #Googler / Friend of donkeys everywhere and lover of carrot cakes

M.J. Murray

Fan of words

Latest Posts

Three Opportunities For Marketers During A Downturn Economy

How to grow your brand and gain market share when it feels impossible.

Our Ads don’t represent us.

How Diageo is combating a lack of diversity and inclusion.

Our ads don’t represent us.

Advertising portrays a social landscape that is almost without poor people.

Our ads don’t represent us.

Our obsession with youth culture is killing our profits.

Our ads don’t represent us.

Black culture is becoming more mainstream, yet it remains undervalued in advertising.

Our ads don’t represent us.

A story of assumptions vs data

Why aren’t brands investing in creativity?

Are brands dying? Or, is it creativity?

The power of Brand in our noisy world

The science behind building a distinctive brand and why it’s more important than ever

What Can Kylie Jenner Teach Us About the Power of Social Media?

Using Artificial Intelligence to Analyse Kylie Jenner’s Instagram

What Travel Influencers Can Teach Us About Self-Expression

We are producing more content than ever before. What is driving this behaviour?


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