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Picnic is the world's fastest growing online supermarket with a unique business model and a highly engaged customer base. Our mission is to make grocery shopping simple, fun, and affordable for everyone.

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Automating large-scale refactorings with Error Prone

When it comes to writing good computer programs, avoiding mistakes is key. To prevent errors, several processes are generally put in place…

Picnic open-sources dbt-score: linting model metadata with ease!

With the rise of tools like dbt, it has become much easier to document, test and create data models in a data warehouse. In a previous blog

How we broke customer support language barriers without breaking production

Ever since we first started with a single vehicle in one city nine years ago, Picnic has always taken our end-to-end user journey very…

Enhancing Search Retrieval with Large Language Models (LLMs)

OpenSearch utilizing OpenAI embeddings for semantic search.

Under the hood of Picnic’s demand forecasting model: A Deep Dive into the Temporal Fusion…

Demand forecasting is critical for any retail company, but even more so for Picnic, an online supermarket selling perishable products with…

YAML developers and the declarative data platforms

The declarative paradigm is becoming ubiquitous in data engineering, to the point we sometimes feel we became YAML developers. Yet, I’ll…

Python @ Picnic

From Machine Learning to black box testing of Java services. Learn why Picnic chose Python!

How Picnic uses Slack to revolutionise the world of online groceries

Our focus on making online grocery shopping simple, fun, and affordable has propelled us to become the fastest-growing online supermarket…

From Cloud-native to Hybrid and back again

Picnic’s on-premises computing journey

Picnic’s review of 2023: the year of AI

As we step into 2024, let’s look back at the transformative year of 2023, which has been a milestone for machine learning and AI.


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