Stories of Platform Design

Stories, case studies and explorations in Platform Design, Vision and Execution

Luca Ruggeri

Engineer, startupper, expert on AI and emerging techs regulation. Lean and Platform Thinking Advocate:

Lucia Hernandez

Ecosystem Strategy Design. Platform Economy expert. Specialized in Tourism. Facilitator at Platform Design Toolkit. OuiShare Connector. W20 Delegate

Simone Cicero

Co-Creator of, Thinkers50 Radar 2020 Co-Founder of Boundaryless

Eugenio Battaglia

Advisor, researcher, and facilitator focused on collaborative strategy making, evolutionary governance, complex systems, and ecosystem-platform thinking.

Stina Heikkilä

Working on sustainable, local, urban, territorial and international development (you name it!) — peppered with personal development. Writings and views my own.


Pioneers in Platform-Ecosystem Thinking. Creators of the original #PlatformDesignToolkit Blog:

Latest Posts

Driving Growth in Platforms and beyond: Learning from Practice

On May 13th, Simone Cicero and Manfredi Sassoli de Bianchi will keep exploring the emerging Growth Landscape for platforms and…

Platforming Inside and Between Organizations: differentiation, scale, and scope— with Jabe Bloom

With Jabe Bloom we look into how — increasingly — in an age of technologically powered organizations, thriving means the ability to enable…

Pricing in Platforms and Marketplaces

A primer in understanding all the dimensions of the pricing problem and opportunity in Marketplace-platforms

Open Ecosystem Strategies: Catalyzing Change in Industries— with Steve Helvie and Archna Haylock

Steve Helvie and Archna Haylock from the Open Compute Project join us for a truly inspiring conversation that touches upon innovation…

5 Key Insights on driving Growth: Channels, Retention, Team Structure, Context and Culture

On March 30th, our Manfredi Sassoli de Bianchi and Simone Cicero had an in-depth conversation with three top Growth Practitioners

Bottom-Up and Top-Down Transitions — with Bill Baue and Ralph Thurm

Bill Baue and Ralph Thurm join us to talk about their work at r3.0 — a not-for-profit platform that promotes Redesign for Resilience and…

Growth Engines in Marketplaces & Platforms

A Primer exploring ways to drive Growth in Network-Ecosystem based Value Propositions

Trans-contextual Organizing: Shifting Perceptions — with Nora Bateson

Nora Bateson joins us for an earnest conversation where we delve into invisible assumptions, entanglement, and trans-contextual organizing…


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