Stories of Platform Design

Stories, case studies and explorations in Platform Design, Vision and Execution

Luca Ruggeri

Engineer, startupper, expert on AI and emerging techs regulation. Lean and Platform Thinking Advocate:

Lucia Hernandez

Ecosystem Strategy Design. Platform Economy expert. Specialized in Tourism. Facilitator at Platform Design Toolkit. OuiShare Connector. W20 Delegate

Simone Cicero

Co-Creator of, Thinkers50 Radar 2020 Co-Founder of Boundaryless


Advisor, researcher, and facilitator focused on collaborative strategy making, evolutionary governance, complex systems, and ecosystem-platform thinking.

Stina Heikkilä

Working on sustainable, local, urban, territorial and international development (you name it!) — peppered with personal development. Writings and views my own.

Latest Posts

Experience Platforms: Staging Experiences through an Ecosystem — with B Joseph Pine II

B. Joseph Pine II talks about the new discoveries that he and his co-author James Gilmore share in the new version of their book The…

Platform Talent: Jobs & Skills for the Age of Networks — with Peter C. Evans

Platform Talent: Jobs & Skills for the Age of Networks — with Peter C. Evans

The Evolving Future of the Platform Economy

How Technologcal trends and a new landscape of Risk will reshape the network based economy of the next decade

Embeddedness: Exploring the Roots of the Eastern idea of Organizing — with Alicia Hennig

Alicia Hennig stresses that in the 21st century, we need a better idea about the diversity of thinking and philosophical approaches around…

The new whitepaper is out!

On November 20th we released our new whitepaper: New Foundations of Platform-Ecosystem Thinking - Designing Products and Organizations for…

Stories of Radical Entrepreneurial Organizing

Learn from decades long transformations on the path to self-management

Re-bundling the Firm around Problems to Be Solved  — with Sangeet Paul Choudary

Sangeet Paul Choudary talks about his journey from understanding the micro- to exploring the macro implications of platforms.

Dismantling top-down control, silos and opacity — with Jabi Salcedo

EEEO Conversations with pioneers in entrepreneurial organizing


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