Poesy and Heresy

A collection of lines to challenge the mind.

James Lewis Huss

American poet in Taipei. Linguist. Atheist. Mystic. www.instagram.com/jameslewishuss/ www.facebook.com/jameslewishuss/

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Somewhere there’s a line Between memory And misery

The Hours

Just need to get From sunrise to sunset Lay down my head Lie like the dead  Have dreams in that bed Where she once slept Pretend that…


I’m just a crabby hermit hull Without the crab that made it whole.

Suffering Stanzas

Every day I create A new figure to convey The pain of The angst of The loss of my love


a haiku

Pictures in my Mind

Your height and poise when first I saw you stand; My eager knee so subtly touching yours; Across the table stroking arms and hands; The…


What wretched crime did I commit that I  Must nightly lose my comely muse to time? What god did I offend that when the end Of evening…


her name hangs from my tongue like an icicle waiting to fall a cold hard thing once the elixir of life now fixed in time building its…

Mixed Signals

The pain is so great I can’t help think The heavens are telling me Something’s terribly wrong.

Distress That Never Rests

Take the angst of losing everything And multiply a thousand thousand times Then place it on your aching chest So with its onus it can…


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