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Ahmed Baba

Ahmed Baba is Co-Founder and COO/Editor-in-Chief of Rantt Media. Writer of Unpresidented, Ahmed has documented and analyzed every day of the Trump presidency.

Zak Ali

Co-founder & CEO — Rantt

Adam A

UI/UX, Interactive design, political observer, RTs are endorsements (for the most part)

Josh Lytle

CTO of Rantt, App Developer, and Technology Enthusiast

Abigail Barker

Writer and Editor — Rantt

Cassie Dagostino

Writer and Editor — Rantt

Jossif Ezekilov

Editor and Writer @RanttNews. Interested in international development, global health, gender equality, politics, and foreign policy.

Tai Ragan

Rantt Editor and Space lover.

Bob Cunningham

Rantt Staff Writer. BA, Political Science. Former Republican.

Greg Fish

slightly radioactive techie, writer, editor, and computer lobotomist

Matthew Reyna

San Antonian


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