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Latest Posts

Individual and technological approaches to startups evaluation

How suitable is the preliminary evaluation for the startups? How can it help grab investors’ attention?

New release. Expert preliminary evaluation

Preliminary evaluation conducted by experts, new edit module and platform notifications — find the details in the article!

Key elements of a startup

Why should a startup present itself as a set of interconnected parts? How to show the value of these parts to investors?

Updates. Customization and mobile adaptive.

Here we are with the new carefully prepared updates which are aimed to make your experience working on Rocket DAO even more pleasant!

How to find investors with Rocket DAO?

How to keep concentrated on developing the product itself and attempting to attract investments having limited resources? Here we are to…

Ready to become our early adopters?

Remember this day. We are starting Beta testing of the new version of the platform. Amazing news!

Rocket DAO 3.0. Introduction

Long time no hear Well, it’s time to explain what we are now super-actively working on. This will be a new Rocket DAO which you will…

Startup Europe Week in Minsk!

For the first time Startup Europe Week took place in Minsk!

How to build a startup unicorn? Part 2

The second part of our article about startup unicorns is dedicated to financial modeling, risks assessment and legal risks minimization.

How to build a startup unicorn? Part 1.

High time to lift the veil of secrecy and explain how startups should get prepared for fundraising. Below we will tell you what investors…


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