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Brice Praslicka

Digital Marketer, Nature Photographer, Serial Hobbyist

Bottle Rocket

Dallas born and bred, Bottle Rocket is a connected device specialist that brings future-focused brands and their customers together.

Latest Posts

Two To-Do’s and a Word of Caution for Brands from Google I/O 2019

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it — does it make a sound?

What’s All the WCAG About?

Design with the user front-of-mind and the rest will follow.

Apple Watch Series 0 to Series 4 — What’s New?

I’ve had an Apple Watch since a few months after it was initially launched in April of 2015. I’m not usually an early adopter of Apple’s…

Angular Schematics: Integrating With Other Schematics

Once you have an amazing Schematic put together you will likely want to use it everywhere. Or, even easier for you, you might find other…

Angular Schematics: Asynchronous Schematics

Full disclosure, this post completely could be an edge case that you may or may not ever need to think about when creating your own Angular…

Angular Schematics: Simple Schematic

So, you looked at the ngMomentum project and decided, “Well if they can make a custom Angular Schematic, so can I”. That is great! I…

Angular Schematics: ngMomentum

Angular Schematics are a fairly new development in the Angular ecosystem. With Angular Schematics you can transform your code using…

Quick Look: Face detection on Android using ML Kit

ML Kit’s face detection SDK allows you to detect faces in an image and provide information about landmarks or other features in the image.

Bottle Rocket’s 7th Annual Rocket Science Hackathon

Rumblings of newly released features and tools from WWDC and Google I/O have subsided, but that doesn’t mean we’ve moved on from them…

Practicing API-First Design

Typically clients arrive at Bottle Rocket with all their current systems and services in place, which are often already powering existing…


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