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Latest Posts

Accused Sex Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s Political Connections: A Guide

From Donald Trump to Alan Dershowitz, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is connected to some of the most powerful men in the country — but what…

Jaden Smith Really, Really Wants to Change the World

A conversation with the rapper, actor, and activist about the color pink, his new album, and Robert Pattinson playing Batman

Why Is Everyone So Upset About the Betsy Ross Flag?

There’s a pretty long history of the flag being used by extremist right-wing movements — and a recent move by Nike has brought that into…

The Democrats’ Radical Agenda

Play it safe or go bold? In the race to beat Trump, party leaders are rolling out revolutionary policies for the first time in a…

As Trans Visibility Increases, Is the Far Right Ramping Up Hate Speech?

An SPLC report indicates that transphobic hate speech is rapidly climbing

How TV Is Putting the ‘B’ in LGBTQ — and Why It Matters

After decades of dismissing or outright ignoring bi- and pansexuals, TV shows are finally coming around, broadening our cultural…

Biden Rejects Calls to Apologize for Praise of Segregationist

2020 rivals slam the former vice president, who spoke fondly of the ‘civility’ of his relationship with a Mississippi senator who once…

Sparkles, Bows and Millions of Dollars: Inside Jojo Siwa’s Glitter-Covered Empire

At 16 years old, the Nickelodeon star has turned reality-TV and YouTube fame into a global brand. Will she be the traditional teen idol…

Please Stop Thinking This Will Be a Fair Election

President Trump declared his willingness to betray the country, and Republicans are ready to help

Why Are Migrant Children Being Housed at the Site of a World War II Internment Camp?

Obama did it. Trump is doing it. The system is broken.


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