SABAT Magazine

Sabat fuses witchcraft and feminism, ancient archetypes and instant art.

Sabat Magazine

Sabat Magazine fuses Witchcraft and feminism, ancient archetypes and instant art.

Latest Posts

The Thunder Moon

A Ritual for Illumination by Natalie Berko

Cancer Season

Slide sideways into the season of the Crab with Lisa Stardust

Fire Walk With Me

Emily Linstrom explores the dual nature of Midsummer

Strawberry Moon

A Creative Ritual by Natalie Berko

Spells for Emotions

Joanna Drot-Troha sits down with Rebecca Tamás to decipher her latest poetic spell work – WITCH

Gemini Season

Lisa Stardust untangles the Season of the Twins

The Folk Witch

Sonja Baksa uncovers folkloric myth on screen

The Flower Moon

A Ritual for Abundance by Natalie Berko


Elvira Kolerova’s photography dissects the dark corners of our minds

Taurus Season

Lisa Stardust pins down the Season of the Bull.


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