Scintillations of Curiosity

Thoughts that explore the depths of new world philosophy. Consciousness, quantum theory, knowledge, existence and self-development

Michael Woronko


Latest Posts

The Great Encounter

What will it mean for humanity to find life on another planet?

Fathoms of Consciousness

Diving below the shallows of surface consciousness

Leaving Planet Earth

The philosophical implications of humanity one day leaving the cradle of human kind

The Resonance of Knowledge

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.”  ― Margaret Fuller

Super Human or Less Human?

“What mind set will these early stage A.I.’s have… we’re teaching them to manipulate people and we’re rewarding them for doing it…


Like colors scattering through a prism in which a light shines, there exist innumerable variations of our consciousness, an infinitude of…

Why the Philosopher is Needed Now More Than Ever

When humanity comes to a crossroads over religion, the structure of the universe, economy or law, philosophy is there to push us in the…

The Conquest of Dimensionality

“As life develops, it folds itself, it becomes a three dimensional object, it replicates itself in time”

Going Deeper Into Meditation

Examining the hows and the whys of meditation to uncover new depths of personal transformation

Are Our Interests Genetic?

It may be that each of us have an ideal genetic mold that we can pour ourselves into if we so choose; if we do this, we may maximize our…


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