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The Ultimate Recruitment Playbook — Chapter 6: How Much Do Your Talents Cost?

Compensations & benefits are some of the most instrumental components of your company’s talent management strategy.

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Explore how you can foster a data-driven recruitment approach by implementing the right tools and KPIs.

The Ultimate Recruitment Playbook Chapter 4: Employer Branding & Personal Branding

This post is part of our Serena Recruitment playbook and follows :

The Ultimate Recruitment Playbook - Chapter 3: Never stop sourcing

Sourcing should always be a strict routine if you want to increase the likelihood of saving time and finding the perfect fit.

The Ultimate Recruitment Playbook Chapter 2: Creating a Memorable Candidate Experience !

10 steps we consider instrumental when recruiting and a couple of practical advice that will help you provide the best Candidate…

How to sell to CEOs with Account-Based marketing and Customer Centric Selling?

How to hack CEOs’ attention and sign the deal you have been dreaming of for a long time?

Serena Ultimate Recruitment Playbook — Chapter 1: Building your A-players organization

Structure your organization according to your next funding round.

Scaling abroad through M&A and integrations

Everything you need to know to create a sound M&A strategy.

6 tips to improve ESG impact for Tech Startups

Transferring to a responsible business model can be seen as an unavoidable constraint for players in Tech to stay relevant as they grow in…

[Mise à jour le 16/11] — Chômage partiel, Télétravail… : les nouvelles dispositions annoncées

Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur les dispositions annoncées par l’État.


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