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Sindre Sorhus

Aspiring kitten. Fabulously quirky.

Mark Wubben

Humanist ∪ Technologist. ❤ working with the web. Occasional Dutch speaker.

Latest Posts


Make any website your Mac desktop wallpaper


A better menu bar clock with calendar and time zones.

AVA 1.0 🚀

Back in January we started work on the 1.0 release and now it’s finally here. AVA is grown up!

Small Focused Modules

Make small focused modules for reusability and to make it possible to build larger more advanced things that are easier to reason about.

My macOS 10.14 Wishlist

With only a few days until WWDC, here are my top macOS wishes.

My iOS 12 Wishlist

With WWDC imminent, here are my top wishes this year.


An open source macOS app to convert videos to high-quality GIFs.

Refined Twitter 🐦

A browser extension that makes Twitter fly!

Black Out

A macOS app to quickly hide sensitive parts of an image before you share it.

HEIC Converter

A free macOS app to convert HEIC images to JPEG or PNG.


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