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Gvantsa Garmelia

Product Marketing Manager @ Singular. Taking a road less traveled.

Elena Mihajloska

We can make the world a better place by reaching our own highest potential. Interested in the future of the digital work. Author of: http://amzn.to/2qV0BIn

Biljana Vidoevska

B2B Content Writer | Enthusiastic marketer | Driven by passion, purpose, and persistence | Integrity is everything

Latest Posts

Java Stream API

In the following article we will go through the Java Streams API, the way streams are created, the operations that are allowed on streams…

Java — good practices and recommendations: Design patterns

Originally published on culture.singular.uk

Why our front-end team choose Angular 6?

Originally published on culture.singular.uk

Security Incidents Handling — Swim in the logs!

Stop data breaches and cyber attacks with good incident response strategy, and learn to swim in your technical logs!

Deliver yourself — Cos’ you are the best product for your client

Hello folks, I am back with another article because I was really inspired from a student that contacted me recently and asked me a really…

Technologies for automation testing

Why we created a custom-made testing framework

Why I Prefer NGXS over NGRX

What’s NGRX and NGXS

How to boost the motivation of your developers?

Face-to-face knowledge sharing never gets old

Staying competitive on the long run in the iGaming sector

What does it mean for the sports betting operators?

DevOps — Choose the right tool-set

First National IT and Project Management Conference in Skopje


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