The Decentralized Platform for the AI Economy

Cassio Pennachin

Chief AI Officer @ SingularityNET

Ibby Benali

Director of Product Development at Rejuve. Manager & Data Protection Officer at SingularityNET.

Latest Posts

Why Cryptofinance Needs Decentralized AGI

While the pace has picked up in recent years, AI has been revolutionizing finance behind the scenes for decades now. Due to the complexity…

The DAO of Sophia

Sophia the Robot is the leading representative of this kind of intelligent, SophiaDAO has the mission to foster her growth.

SingularityNET Phase Two: Massive Token Utilization Toward Decentralized Beneficial AGI

The SingularityNET Phase Two initiative Community proposal

AI-DSL: Toward a General-Purpose Description Language for AI Agents

The design thinking regarding AI-DSL and the planned deep integration of the SingularityNET network and the Cardano blockchain.

SingularityNET Announces SingularityDAO

A unique layer 2 noncustodial AI-DeFi solution aimed at revolutionizing the altcoin markets.

Agent-Based Modeling Suggests We Can Modulate COVID-19 Spread — Part Two

Agent-Based Modeling of COVID-19 has led to some interesting hypotheses regarding social interaction networks and the spread of the virus.

Agent-Based Modeling Suggests We Can Modulate COVID-19 Spread — Part One

Our SingularityNET Agent-Based Modeling (ABM) framework can be used to construct multiple types of simulation models

Singularity Studio and Hanson Robotics Launch New Healthcare Robotics Venture, Awakening Health

The awakening of ‘Grace’ the world’s first human-like robotic assistant for elderly care and bio-data management.

SingularityNET Enhancement Proposals - ‘SNEPs’

Enabling the cooperative and democratized development of the SingularityNET platform.

Regarding SingularityNET and the Recent KuCoin Hack

In the interest of transparency and community, we answer a number of critical questions regarding the KuCoin hack.


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