The Decentralized Platform for the AI Economy

Cassio Pennachin

Chief AI Officer @ SingularityNET

Arif Khan

Chief Marketing Officer | SingularityNET

Ibby Benali

Advocating for the decentralization of artificial intelligence. Manager at SingularityNET and Data Protection Officer.


Latest Posts

SingularityNET and Domino’s Pizza Announce a Strategic Partnership

Domino’s Pizza (Malaysia & Singapore) will be leveraging the AGI ecosystem to drive efficiencies in their supply chain and delivery…

Building the unimaginable

On the tragedy of the commons, ownerless ecosystems, and redefining the energy sharing status quo.

Building the Unimaginable — The Odyssey Hackathon — Part 1

In the first part of this series, we discuss the vision of the Odyssey Hackathon and introduce the team members that will represent us in…

Roadmap to Beta V2: SingularityNET Releases Its Updated Beta Roadmap

After the successful release of the Beta, it is time to focus our efforts on the next milestone.

Changing the world one system at a time: a conversation with Mark Turrell.

Talking about small and large systems, complex and simple, dynamic and static, for good or for bad.

SingularityNET partners with Nature 2.0

Announcing A Partnership With The Dutch Energy Provider — Nature 2.0 & Enexis Netbeheer

Breaking News:SingularityNET partners with Ping An Insurance

Announcing our AI collaboration with Ping An, the world’s 10th largest public company

Talent Spotlight: Raam Baranidharan, VP of Engineering at SingularityNET

In this fifth part of our talent spotlight series, we speak with Raam Baranidharan SingularityNET’s newly appointed VP of Engineering

The SingularityNET Whitepaper 2.0

Writing and living into our democratically governed AI future


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