The Decentralized Platform for the AI Economy

Cassio Pennachin

Chief AI Officer @ SingularityNET

Ibby Benali

VP of Marketing at SingularityNET & SingularityDAO. Growing our decentralized AI ecosystem every day.

Haley Lowy

Marketing & Communication at SingularityNET… bringing about benevolent Singularity bigger-faster-better!!

Mihai Bărbulescu

Working towards beneficial Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) guided and controlled in a democratic and decentralized manner.

Latest Posts

AGI Conference 2022 — The 15th Conference on Artificial General Intelligence

The conference will be a virtual and live event, with 3 options for attendance.

Probing the Secrets to Human Longevity with Methuselah Flies

A new partnership between AI and MedTech aims to cure ageing and make the cure available to all.

Toward General-Purpose Minecraft Agents, Part 2: Limitations of Imperative Algorithms

Neural-symbolic agents are optimized for complexity and open-ended tasks that imperative programming and DL AI cannot handle.

SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: July 2022

SingularityNET sponsorship of the AGI-22 Conference, presentation of the 2021 Financial Report, Singularious partnership in Euronews, and…

SingularityNET Reports Strong Financials for 2021

Financial Highlights 2021 for SingularityNET Organization, including Financial Review 2021 and 2022 Budget.

SingularityNET <> Mandala Join Forces to Build AI-Powered Metaverse Focused on Enlightenment

SingularityNET is excited to announce our partnership with Mandala — a project building a metaverse focused on providing players with an…

Operations Update — Q2 2022

Updates on Q2 Milestones, Hiring, Partnerships, and Decentralization

SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: June 2022

Rejuve.AI Closed Beta Program Launch, Staking & Loyalty Rewards progress, Jam Galaxy Band performances, and a new partnership with…

Rejuve.AI Closed Beta Test Program Announcement

The Rejuve: Longevity App is launching its Closed Beta program for…

Jam Galaxy — NAMM Performance & June 22 NYC Appearance!

The Jam Galaxy band will be performing in New York City on June 22 at a satellite event of NFT.NYC. Tickets are on sale now!


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