Snipe leverages data to learn a gamer’s preferences and connect them to the teammates, streamers, and games they’ll love.

Saar Berkovich

Software Engineer, fascinated by all things technology; passionate about video games, music, science, traveling, and building stuff.

Michael Ostrovsky

A passionate fps gamer and co-founder of Snipe, a gaming startup with the most impressive and talented people I know.

Latest Posts

Using Unsupervised Machine Learning to Assume Positions in League of Legends

In the second post of our series on data analysis in League of Legends, we discuss how we trained an ML model to recognize in-game roles.

Understanding League of Legends Data Analytics

In February, gamers visited 70M+ times. Why do gamers spend time looking at stats and graphs when they could be playing the game?

Why is Apex Legends so hyped?

Apex Legends, the newest edition to the Battle Royale genre got a lot of people excited. In this story I explain why.

Should you use React Native to build your startup’s mobile app?

Using React Native to build our core app has taught us a lot. In this post, we explore the highs and the lows of our experience.

3 Ways We Use Redis to Make Gaming Awesome

At Snipe, we use Redis as a Swiss Army knife. We first deployed Redis as an experiment to deal with growing caching needs but ended up…

Running Apache Spark on AWS without Busting the Bank

At Snipe, we deal with huge amounts of data. Considering the fact that there are more than 100 million active League of Legends players…


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