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Community Director @ State of the DApps. Curator of Extraordinary. Creator of luxury vegan cosmetics. AMA.

Latest Posts

March DApp Graveyard 2020

May the force be with you — 71 abandoned DApps

6 Creative Ways People Are Using Pepo That We Never Expected

Content brought to you by the OST Team

DApp Graveyard November & December 2019

47 DApps have have their end of life at the end of the year.

From DeFi Portfolio Tracker to Wallets to AI-powered Data, the best new weekly DApps.

From the most intriguing concepts to the strongest DApp submissions, we will show you which projects you should discover.

DApp Graveyard of October 2019

The spooky month caught 61 inactive DApps

OST Platform Integration on State of the DApps

Connect the community and deploy DApps.

DApp Graveyard September 2019

154 decentralised application died this month

DApp Graveyard July & August 2019

A 113 decentralised applications gone inactive or abandoned.

Klaytn Mainnet Integration on State of the DApps

Kakao’s PublicBlockchain Platform


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