Writings collected from around the Upstatement office. Upstatement is a free-thinking, fun-loving creative studio that imagines & builds exceptional digital experiences.

Mike Swartz

Principal, Creative Director at Artist, guitarist, maker and breaker of things.

Holly Copeland

Designer at Upstatement

Beatrice Huang

Engineer @ Upstatement

Emily Theis

Head of Producers at Upstatement. Designer, musician, and seamstress. Hoosier turned Bostonian. Devoted dog mom.

Ali Aas

Designer @upstatement

Tito Bottitta

Partner at @Upstatement, the awesome web design & development firm. Also: Modest man. Basketballer. Typography lover. Musical omnivore.

Jared Novack

Partner at @upstatement. Maker of @TimberWP:

Keri O'Brian

I design things for @upstatement, and I wolfed my teamster sub for you.

Mike Burns

Head of Engineering @ Upstatement

Latest Posts

We did it! A greener Upstatement

An update on our summer effort to be kinder to the earth at work and at home.

Make tech research more fun (and effective!) with a little design thinking

How engineers at Upstatement design & facilitate workshop activities

Making a more sustainable office

How Upstatement is reducing waste and energy usage at our office and beyond.

When designers serve on juries

The design and process of jury deliberations is ready for a fresh look

We are postdigital

We spent three decades becoming digital, what’s next?

Discussing Data Visualization with Andrew Garcia Phillips

Andrew Garcia Phillips tells stories with data. We asked him about interactive editorial design and the future of data viz.

Upstatement Talks with Typographer Cyrus Highsmith

We discuss his drawings, his writing process, and his favorite letters

Designing “Since Parkland”

Upstatement and The Trace designed a website that remembers child victims of gun violence

Creating Powerful Editing Experiences with Gutenberg

At Upstatement, we use a variety of content management systems to power the websites we build. When choosing the right CMS for the right…

Designing Results: The 2018 Midterms in Web Design

Trends and observations on election coverage across the web. Check out our work with PBS Newshour!


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