Engineers building the home for your active life.

Pan Thomakos

productivity and web engineering at Strava, father, runner

Jeff Remer

iOS Technical Lead at Strava living in Bend, OR. Kayaks, skiing, bikes, hikes, beer, and waffles.

Steve Lloyd

Aspiring to build great things for athletes @Strava. Former musician and rocket scientist.

Elyse Kolker Gordon

Senior Engineering Manager, Growth @ Strava, author isomorphic web applications. Speaker, web dev & manager of humans. Always learning.

Zachary Isaacs

Software Engineer at Strava

Latest Posts

A Richer Activity, Part 2

Displaying data from the activity data service in the Strava feed

A Richer Activity, Part 1

Flexible Storage for More Data

Upgrading Strava to Rails 5.0

At Strava, each of our major platforms (Web, Android, iOS) is known as a Guild. Each Guild likes to keep its platform as up to date as…

Activity Grouping: The Heart of a Social Network for Athletes

As with other Social Networks, Strava’s athletes interact with each other in a variety of ways. They can follow one another, view each…

Celebrating Women in Computing at Grace Hopper 2018

Lining up to board the plane for Houston, I quickly realized that there was something unusual about this Texas-bound flight. Turning our…

Reaching my Summit during my Strava internship

Hey there, my name’s Emmanuel. I’m originally from Puerto Rico, but I’ve spent the past three years studying computer science at the…

Running and Scala Services — A Strava Intern Story

Fun. Challenging. Rewarding. This combination of words was not what I expected to experience while working full time at a tech company. I…

Strava’s New End-to-End Testing Setup

Strava runs end-to-end tests of our website before every deploy, but problems have developed over time, mostly around reliability and the…

Experimenting with GraphQL

Strava has had a public REST API since 2011. I won’t enumerate all of the classic REST shortcomings, but here are three Strava-specific…


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