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Matt Innes

Designer & CDO, Idealogue · Streamr

Shiv Malik

Head of Comms for Streamr. Author. Broadcaster. Former Guardian investigative journalist. Passionate about economics, decentralization & Mutualism.

Henri Pihkala

Founder, CEO at Streamr. Delivering unstoppable data to unstoppable apps.

Risto Karjalainen

Streamr COO. Ph.D., behavioural finance, machine learning, professional quant before getting hooked on real-time data and decentralized computing.

Weilei Yu

Head of Developer Relations at Streamr. Vision driven and bias for action. Crypto enthusiast and learning about ML as hobby.

Francine Ihenacho

Senior Digital Marketer at Streamr

Latest Posts

Dev Update June 2019

Welcome to Streamr Core Developer’s Update for June. Before diving into our internal updates, I wanted to highlight two exciting…

Integrating Streamr with Apache Spark

When building data architectures that need to be capable of handling terabytes or even petabytes of data, there are often multiple…

Apache NiFi — Streamr processors

Streamr has created publish and subscribe processors for Apache NiFi!

Dev Update May 2019

Streamr Core beta is launched, user testing completed, MQTT broker bridge built, and news about the forthcoming decentralized Network.

Ensuring data authenticity and integrity on the Streamr Network

With data signing, subscribers don’t need to trust Network operators to be convinced of the integrity of data points

DPP DataStreams is available now on Streamr

Digital Assets Power Play is happy to announce an exclusive edition of our DataStreams service is now available through Streamr.

Streamr Core Beta Launch Notes

When we started the work released this week as the Streamr Core app, we had a few aims in mind. The old apps seemed disconnected, lacking…

Crowdselling your personal data through Firefox

How a browser extension will end up changing the data economy for good

Dev Update April 2019

We are finally a few weeks away from the launch of Streamr’s redesigned tool kit for real-time data visualisation and prototyping

Why Streamr has Integrated with Chainlink for Reliable Oracles

ChainLink are now integrated with Streamr Marketplace, enabling smart contracts to securely access off-chain data feeds, web APIs, and…


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