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Jordan “J” Gross

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How a Serial Entrepreneur Struggles Through Adversity to Find Meaningful Work

Bryan Wish epitomizes the phrase, “follow your heart”

Anxiety and Ghosting

Here and there, in life, we get to certain points where we just want to be alone. Alone with our thoughts, our dreams, our nightmares, our…

The Other Side of Mental Health

Why do we spend so much of our time fixated in piercing detail on what’s wrong in our lives?


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My Writing’s Changed

Am I doomed?

The Morning is a Privilege, Not a Chore

This morning I woke up, and I was petrified. This is a common occurrence as each time that high-pitched alarm goes off and interrupts a…

You May Need a HARD Reset

Nothing seems to work. You are so frustrated because X, Y, and Z have happened and there seems to be no way to make them work. You want to…

What Three Things Can a Young Do to Turn Their Life Around?

Something quite unexpected has happened over the last few months since starting this blog.

When You’re a Single Mom Writing for Christmas

Plus winter wardrobes, birthdays, and... everything.

I Am So Done with Fake Friends

At this point I’d rather be alone.


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