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Toni Albertson

Journalism professor, media adviser, writer, hopeless romantic

Lux Montes

patron saint of weirdos, run-ons and comma splices. editor-in-chief @

Kassandra Ruiz

Just a free spirit trying to capture the best of life.

Latest Posts

The chill and relaxing world of Lo-fi Hip-Hop

A genre that is small yet easily recognizable by an animated girl doing her homework.

Skin Care Tips from a Former Pizza Face

Things you can do to keep your skin at its best

Freak Show: A Reclamation

Identity and acceptance through the work and life of Diane Arbus

The Boys On Your Phone

A deep dive into the cute, boyish influencer culture of TikTok and social media

A Broken Blessing

How a tumble and some faith saved my education, relationship, and sanity

Abusers and Rapists Are Still On Your Favorite Teams

Victims are Bruised and Battered, Players Start and Stay Paid

I Wish You’d Stop Shopping On Wish

Did you really think a $5 dress would look good?

Grounded in Fortitude

Station staffer discusses bouncing back from religious suffocation, cruel racism, near-death experiences and depression.

Duck Hunters in the San Jacinto Wildlife Area

Where conservation efforts and grocery lists meet

Buffalo Wild Wings Accused of Racism — Again

Buffalo Wild Wings has not managed to thwart racism in its restaurants. Three stories of race-related discrimination at BWW have made…


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