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Journey to Profitability: The Marketing Plan

This is part 2 of a series about growing my Japanese language learning web app, NihonGO! from $0 to $2000MRR in (hopefully) a year.

How I overcame every failure in my life

Things don’t always work out.

Top Tip to Improve Your Presentation

I’ve led many workshops over the last 20 years and have learned countless tips about improving my presentation. One of the best suggestions…

This Is How a Virtual Assistant Can Enhance Your Business

If you are drowning in your to-do list, try working with a virtual assistant. Finding and working with one can save you hours of time and…

How to Create a Professional Website Without Building One.

The ads say anyone can do it. Sounds simple. Even legitimate sites like tell you anyone can build a site.

Would You Like To Rewire Your Brain for Happiness?

The first steps in balancing the negativity bias & feeling happier

Use technology to make things easier, not harder.

I very often come meet people and companies who use technology not because it makes their job easier, but because they think they have to…

Top 11 Mobile App Analytics Platforms (Pricing Included)

Creating an app is only half of the battle. Once the app is finished, you need to understand your users. What are they tapping, swiping…

Pixar’s secret formula revealed

A timeless story from infinity to beyond


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