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The True Dangers of AI Are Ones We Can’t See

It feels like I start almost every article mentioning this, but everyone is worried artificial intelligence will take people’s jobs.

How to be a Relentless Writer Who Never Quits

Being a full time writer is one of those careers that’s way harder to pull of than it looks.

What Your Platform Really Is

The real difference between a platform and a stage

The Future of Your Cybersecurity.

Some of the biggest names in the cryptocurrency space held a yacht party in celebration of the successful ICO pre-sales of an upcoming…

How To Make Productivity Your Only Option (And Improve Your Mental Health As A Side-Effect)

There’s a lot of productivity hacks to be found on the Internet, and Medium is no exception.

Don’t Get Too Excited: A Lesson for Startups

How early decisions by entrepreneurs cripple businesses before they stand on their feet

5 Website Branding Tips You Need To Know About

You’ve heard the word branding and web design separately but what about “Website Branding” ?

Identity Diversification: The Case for a Well-Balanced Sense of Self

“Diversify your investments” is common advice in the world of finance and wealth management.

Working With A Bad Boss Is The Real Soul-Crushing Dream Killer.

Bad bosses are ruining great companies all over the world. The problem is not the people it’s the bosses that they work for.

The new Imperial Syndrome – Digital transformation gone wrong

In the past few years I have enjoyed working on a number of digital products as a UX consultant or contractor. Throughout my adventures a…


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