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Brad Decker

Teaching, Traveling, Writing. MA in Film Studies, MA in Teaching and English Literature. Owner and Editor at Panel & Frame and The Synapse.

Merrit Jones

education advocate | @stu_voice Dir. of Partnerships| founder of @StuSpace |

Kevin Rabinovich

Ideas, youth, tech, design, & education. Founder & curator, @TEDxYouthCola. Formerly @ClemsonUNICEF, @StuSpace, @CodeDay Columbia.

Latest Posts

How Do You Teach to the Standards When Doing Project-Based Learning?

It’s easy to remember the highlight reels of the project-based approach I used when I taught eighth grade. I think about the moment we…

When they are ready

Professional learning isn’t a race and people don’t start their climb when others tell them to. Meaningful growth happens when learners are…

Those who walked away from Omelas

10 ways to make your classroom more inclusive of black students

10 ways to make your classroom more inclusive of black students

How to write a powerful college essay that stands out from the crowd

Thousands of students apply to colleges each year. Many students come to me asking how they can stand out. I often hear “I haven’t done…

Ten Things Pixar Can Teach Us About Creativity

For the last two decades, Pixar has produced some of the most creative and epic films of this era. But this is the result of a culture of…

Helping Introverts Thrive in Collaborative Projects

We know collaboration is important but it’s easy for introverts to get lost in the shuffle. So, how do we honor introverts’ identity and…

Parent Night at Perfectly Pleasant Elementary School

It’s parent night at Perfectly Pleasant Elementary School. Ms. Pamela Positive, Perfectly Pleasant Principal, gives her parent night…

Three Chains On

I usually come to work with three chains on, tucked in of course, a 60 gram Cuban link bracelet that I actually owned for years but never…

Why Today’s Teens Need to Start College Later

And what they should do in the meantime


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