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GIF2Video Gives GIFs Realism

The internet loves those little looping action images we call GIFs. They can tell a short visual story in a small file size that has high…

Meituan Drives Instant Food Delivery With AI “Super Brain”

From Beijing to Barcelona to Buenos Aires, startups like Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Swiggy, Zomato and Go-Jek are revolutionizing urban food…

Automatic Creation of Machine Learning Algorithms for Autonomous Vehicles

Alphabet’s multi-billion dollar subsidiary Waymo plays a leading role in the modern autonomous driving industry, and the company’s…

The Weird & the Wacky at CES 2019

Every January, thousands of companies head to Las Vegas to launch new products at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the world’s top tech…

Auto-DeepLab: Fei-Fei Li & Alan Yuille on Semantic Image Segmentation

A cooperative research group from Google, Stanford, and Johns Hopkins has proposed “Auto-DeepLab,” a new method which utilizes…

NSFW Dataset Removes Humans From Content Review

The proliferation of social media in our daily lives has profoundly changed the way we work and play with others. It has also created an…

CES 2019: Smart Toilets, Treadmills, Fitness Trackers & DNA Tests… for Your Pet?

The invention of cat litter in the 1940s brought the cat species into countless family homes. A huge global market has since grown around…

Everything at CES 2019 Is Here!

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NLP in News Feeds

The amount of news information a person can routinely access these days would have been unimaginable a hundred years ago. But we still…

CES 2019 Cools on Self-Driving; Digital Cockpits, V2X & In-Vehicle Shopping Drive Mobility Market

Each year global automakers, component manufacturers and tech companies flock to Las Vegas to promote their visions of future mobility at…


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