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DeepMind TF-Replicator Simplifies Model Deployment on Cluster Architectures

DeepMind’s Research Platform Team has open-sourced TF-Replicator, a framework that enables researchers without previous experience with the…

GTC 2019 | Highlights & Disappointments at NVIDIA’s Annual Conference

NVIDIA’s annual GPU Technology Conference (GTC) attracted some 9,000 developers, buyers and innovators to San Jose, California this week…

Google Brain SimPLe: Complete Model-Based Reinforcement Learning for Atari

Model-free reinforcement learning can be used to learn effective strategies for complex tasks such as Atari games, but it usually requires…

GTC 2019 | New NVIDIA One-Stop AI Framework Accelerates Workflows by 50x

No wow moments, no bells, and no whistles. Jensen Huang has delivered some groundbreaking keynote speeches in his years at the helm of…

GTC 2019 | NVIDIA’s New GauGAN Transforms Sketches Into Realistic Images

NVIDIA has delivered numerous noteworthy research results to the machine learning community — StyleGAN, video-to-video translation…

AI Tackles Mahjong

For years now, AI researchers have been leveraging game environments to train computer models to react to complicated scenarios and make…

GTC Preview & NVIDIA AI Research Recap

Every March US chip giant NVIDIA hosts its GPU Technology Conference in Santa Clara, rolling out new chip designs and products while…


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