Publications tagged `SELF DRIVING CARS`
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Self-Driving Cars A publication covering news, predictions, and opinions about self-driving cars and other autonomous vehicles. 16,987
Waymo Waymo — formerly the Google self-driving car project — is making our roads safer and easier to navigate for all. One step at a time. 16,216
Humanizing Tech Helping you build what's next: biologic intelligence, personal hedge fund, editable DNA, superhuman augmentation, video as an app, SAAS space platforms. 12,855
SyncedReview We produce professional, authoritative, and thought-provoking content relating to artificial intelligence, machine intelligence, emerging technologies and industrial insights. 7,873
Voyage Voyage is delivering on the promise of self-driving cars. Voyage has built the technology and services to bring robotaxis to those who need it most, beginning in retirement communities. 2,154
Cruise Cruise is building the world’s most advanced self-driving vehicles to safely connect people with the places, things and experiences they care about. Join us in solving the engineering challenge of a generation: 2,081
Self-Driven Our Self-Driving Future 1,739
Aurora Blog Deliver the benefits of self-driving technology safely, quickly, and broadly. 1,344
Radical Urbanist Cities have more power than ever to shape the future. In Radical Urbanist, @parismarx explores their approaches to transportation, climate change, and monopolistic tech companies to see if they’re doing enough. 1,295
Woven Planet Level 5 Level 5, part of Woven Planet, is developing a full self-driving system to deploy globally. Woven Planet is a software-first subsidiary of Toyota and their vision is to create mobility of people, goods, and information that everyone can enjoy and trust. 1,256
Thoughts on Apple Car Conceptualizations on the future car, a.o. read by Apple/VW/GM/Continental executives, Apple/Google/Dropbox/Microsoft/Nokia designers, WSJ/CNBC and AI analysts, Lyft/Snap investors, Medium staff writers, academics from HBS/WMG/CIID, and many mobility VCs/CEOs/founders. 1,152
Nuro On a mission to better everyday life through robotics. See more at 993
DeepMap Blog News and highlights straight from DeepMap HQ. 296
Ouster Building high resolution, reliable, low cost lidar. Making automated driving, robotics, and 3d mapping better, to create a safer and more efficient world. 216
Kodiak Robotics Kodiak was founded in April 2018 to develop autonomous technology that carries freight forward — so people, partners, and the planet thrive. 197