Publications tagged `RACISM`
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Embrace Race our community of support around race and raising kids, more at 8,331
Our Human Family Conversations on achieving equality 912
Clay Rivers Writing from the intersection of race, faith, and equality. Join the conversation, but you have to bring your own espresso. 329
Racistocracy Racism governs the United States of America 193
What We Know A mother and daughter tackle race, social justice, and intergenerational feminism. 86
The Sam And Me Show The blog of The Sam And Me Show podcast about race, politics, and current events. 77
SURJ Bay Area Blog Moving white people to act as part of a multi-racial majority for justice with passion and accountability. 62
A Democracy In Color Racism is a structure that begins within the mind. As poet Keno Evol once said, our words create worlds. Let us use ours, as colored writers worldwide, to create liberation. 50
incluvie Movie and TV Reviews for Diversity 29
OutSpoken If You Like To Rant, We Have An Outlet 6
Teaching The Next Gen Tales of teaching, fighting for social justice, and standing alongside my kids of color. I am determined to use my place of status and privilege as a white cisgender woman to support my LGBTQ+, minority, and immigrant students. 6
B Is For Blog The personal blog of B Nguyen Fei 1
Here We Rest HERE WE REST is a series of essays and features that uses research and interviews from current or previous Alabamians to answer the question: “Why do you live here?” or “Why did you leave?” 1